Saturday, October 14, 2006

There is pain...

...and then, there is pain.

Different kinds of pain.

Twinks Fibromyalgia pain is a distinctive type of pain. She can now easily and fully identify that pain.

She can also identify her *other* pain.

The orthopedic pain is back. And now that we have sorted out the Fibromyalgia, and are (again) on the road to what we hope is a better lifestyle for the Twinkster, it seems ironic and cruel that she should have to deal with this.

However, there looms a bit a good news on the horizon: Hospital City will soon hold another "outreach" clinic here in our state. Although it won't be in The Greater Metro, it will be only two or so hours away by car, and Twinks will only have to miss one day of school, instead or two or three. We will also be able to sleep in our own beds, and (hopefully) be home before the dusky blue autumn darkness creeps through the rolling hills and gentle slopes of our county.

Twinks celebrated her first "full" week of school this week. She was able to go to school for an entire week - no absences! - and is eagerly looking forward to adding other activities to her schedule now, like Girl Scouts, and the OFG, and Church. Church most of all, because we have missed seeing our friends there, we have missed hearing our Vicar's legendary sermons, and we have *needed* our spirits to be replenished, and our souls cleansed of the madness that the pain has marked us all with.

So even with the ortho pain, despite the ortho pain, Twinks keeps going now. She has had a taste of what it's like to be "back", and like a junkie, she wants more. She is strong enough again to put her shoulder against the remaining pain, and push back.

There are good days, and bad days.

There is unbearable pain... and then there is where we are now.


Chuck said...

Hey T, glad to here that Twinks is starting to feel better. I could really identify with this title...I remember last year when my back went out (badly) causing me to miss three days of work, my chirpractor said, "There's back pain...and then there's BACK PAIN!" Fortunately my back has been doing better lately. I hope Twinks continues to improve also.

Stu said...

I've been mulling over a comment for several days now, after reading these past few posts about the renewed pain. I've wanted to comment, but I have nothing that I can say, other than:

Life is a big ball of shit sometimes.

Please tell the Twinkstress that I said "Bummer. Sucks." and then pause and say "What's the difference between an elephant and a plum?... ...They're both purple, except for the elephant."

I get it that she's not in unbearable pain, but any pain is unfair and totally sucky. I am saying a prayer for her complete speedy recovery.

Suldog said...

Sometimes a lesser pain is more unbearable because you think to yourself, "Why can't I just [take a pill, whatever] and make this go away?" As usual, prayers have been said.