Monday, November 13, 2006

Looking for the Magic

Today was a Magic Day.

It started this morning when I took Twinks to school. We stepped out of the house, and the sweet, sharp cold air pushed the breath from our lungs, and filled us with that unmistakable smell of autumn. I remember that smell; it is the aroma of a thousand days spent walking to school in the frosty golden mornings. It is the essence that fires a desire deep within for hot chocolate, and pumpkin pie, and warm sweaters.

Walking down the sidewalk, I am showered with the lemony-yellow leaves that are still gently falling from our pecan tree; my feet crackle through drifts of dry, crunchy leaves. The sky is clear, and brilliantly blue, and as the sun works it's way upward, it begins to share it's warmth. There are still autumn-shaded leaves on trees all over The Greater Metro, and as the wind picks up, it swirls upward through the branches, shaking out the reluctant stragglers and then tumbling them down the sidewalks and streets.

The daylight fades quickly now, but as a consolation prize we are awarded a spectacular sunset with high streaky clouds that reflect a thousand shades of crimson and gold. The navy blue night creeps in across the eastern horizon, and with it, the chill air comes again.

A perfect autumn day. A "Magic Day".


08/07/06 was a "magic day" at our house. But not because of my little out-patient adventure. Look at the date - how could it not be a Magic Day? Earlier this year, we had 06/06/06. Then, before that was 04/05/06.

Next year, my birthday will fall on 07/07/07.

Sometimes, it's not the actual date that makes it Magical. Sometimes it's an event. Sometimes it's an anniversary. Or a birthday. Or a holiday.

Sometimes, it's just getting a good parking spot when you are shopping. Or a great haircut. Or a great sunset.

We try to find as many Magic Days as we can at our house.


When my Dad was diagnosed with cancer, and we knew that he had little time left, we talked for hours. He told me things during those talks - precious things - that I still almost cannot bear to think about. But the theme that recurred over and over again was that The Wrench and I should not ever waste a day. That we should find something to celebrate every day. That the money, and the prestige, and the power - none of it mattered in the end. What mattered was the time you spent with the people you love. That's what your legacy is. That's what your loved ones will remember. And the lack of that time together is what you'll regret the most.

The Wrench and I took those lessons to heart. We quit worrying about acquiring wealth, and started by making each other a priority. Twinks was still a few years away, and we spent those years together, as husband and wife, as best friends, as partners. We looked for joy, and happiness wherever could. We celebrated life, our marriage, each other.

And we began our never-ending search for Magic Days. The rules for Magic Days are simple:

1. Find something - anything - about today that makes it special. (Need help? Check here.)
2. Celebrate!

Celebrating a Magic Day doesn't have to mean goofy party hats and candles on a cake. It can be as simple as doing something everyone enjoys together. Sitting outside on a warm day, and eating ice cream. Going for a drive in the country. Everyone piling on the couch and watching a family-favorite movie. Making popcorn, and watching old home movies. A shared smile. A warm hug. An unexpected kiss.

The point is not *how* you celebrate. It's that you do it *together* as a family.

Therein lies the Magic.


So tell me: When was the last Magic Day at your house?


Johnny C. said...

Glad to see a post!

I just had a magical weekend. My best friend came to town. That's enough right there for me.

Suldog said...

We had new furniture delivered yesterday! Definitely magic.

Glad to see a new post. And thanks for the reminder about what's truly important. Excellent descriptive prose concerning an Autumn day, by the way.