Thursday, July 17, 2008

The One Where I Make A Call...

Not just today, but this whole week has been crazy. In the last seven days, Twinks has been to four different specialists; annual checkups mostly, but it drove home the point for all of us that Normal is still farther away than we want it to be.

Ordinarily, during the course of my day I am busy - moving, doing, working on *something* all the time. There is no shortage of "things to be done" at our house, and I try every day to get something done - something checked off the never-ending list. I feel keenly the weight of family responsibility on my shoulders; Because my Dad installed this damnable work ethic into me at an early age, I am almost unable to take time out of my day-to-day routine for anything that might be described as "fun".

But today, I did.

I spent maybe 10 - 15 minutes at the most doing one of the most selfish things I have done for myself in quite a while.

I called a friend. Mostly just for fun.

I suprised him, and we had a nice little chat. It didn't last as long as either of us would like, there was some information to be exchanged, but aside from that, I just enjoyed talking to my friend.

I found myself smiling all afternoon - mostly because I was able to surprise him so thorougly (and I wish you could have heard the first 60 seconds or so of *that* conversation!) but also because, well, it was just fun. It was wonderful to stop worrying and thinking about everything else - just for that quarter of an hour - and just enjoy myself. Like a little bitty vacation.

So, thanks to you, my friend. You really made my day today! :)

Thim :)


Suldog said...

Wow! Whoever he was, he must be one hell of a guy! A saint among us! A prince! A truly good soul! Maybe a bit egotistical, but underneath it all a heart of gold! Could be that he has a really sexy voice, but since you surprised him so thoroughly he was probably all "D'Oh!" and "Doi!" and "Bluh..." for most of the conversation? And (I think - my psychic powers seem especially strong this afternoon) he might have been considering writing something similar, but since you have a secret identity, he couldn't come up with a really good way to write about it without compromising that, so he is thrilled you wrote about it because his life is an open book (with little or no redeeming social value.)

Nah. Probably just some a-hole.

Anonymous said...

There is just *no* reply to that...


Karen said...

hahahaha, Suldog, I don't know you but I would think you would be right up there in the top 2 on my friends list if I did.

A week or so ago, I called a friend of mine thinking that she would be at work and intending to leave a voice mail message, when she answered the phone. She was sooo genuinely happy to hear my voice that it has cheered me up even to today whenever I think about it. Yes, friends and conversations can be so sweet a thing to hold on to.