Monday, July 14, 2008

The One Where I am Just a Little Bit Older...

A little bit wiser...

And, yes, even a little bit grayer...

I've had another birthday.

This one (number 48) was probably one of the most low-key birthdays I have ever had. That's OK; I've never been one for big, noisy parties or "events".

Twinks and The Wrench made me a pan of homemade brownies topped with my favorite mocha frosting. I got some great gifts, and we had a lovely evening as a family, all four of us.

Needless to say, with everything that happens on a daily basis around here, I often find myself surprised when faced with something like my own birthday. Once upon a time, my birthday was only rivaled by Christmas - after all, both days meant there would be presents to open, and cake. What more could a kid want?

Then, I grew up and got married. To a wonderful guy. And I found myself looking forward to *his* birthday too, because I enjoyed seeing him having so much fun.

And then, I had a baby. And, suddenly, my favorite birthday was *hers* - and something else happened...

... A whole new world opened for me. No, I did not find The Magical Land of Narnia in the back of my closet, but I suddenly understood so many things I had never considered before.

Like why my Mom and Dad never seemed to mind the many sacrifices I knew they had made for my brother and I.

Like how my Mom could cheerfully wear the same brown coat for nearly 20 winters with nary a complaint, while always insuring that my brother and I had warm coats and galoshes and scarves, hats and mittens.

Like how my Dad would work all day, and come home to work on one of his many home-improvement projects, all the while content to know that he was improving things for his family.

Like why my childhood was as happy and wonderful as it was - because my parents had made it so.

And I realized that somewhere in the future my baby - my Twinks - would have this same epiphany when she held her own children.

Full circle.


So now, on my birthday every year, I remember to tell my Mom "Happy Birthday to us". I send her flowers, and tell her "Thank You" for everything she has done for me over the years. And I celebrate the day that changed both our lives.

Happy Birthday to Us, Mom.



The Caustic Bunny said...

1) Happy Birthday! (belated)
2) Go ahead and use it. Biting sarcasm is the gift that keeps on giving.
3) In case of remodelling insanity, rent "Mr. Blandings Builds his Dream House." All this didn't start with our generation.

Bunny on.


Chuck said...

Happy Birthday, Thim! Hope your next year is super specatular.

Suldog said...

I like that idea (of sending Mom birthday greetings on your birthday) a lot. I'm stealing it.

Happy Birthday, Thim! Many More, And Many Happy!

Anonymous said...

1. Thanks! :)
2. Thanks! :) I will. With credit where it is due, of course!
3. Mr. Blandings and I are old friends from childhood...

Thanks! Me too!

Steal that idea, and give your Mom a hug from me! :) Thanks for the good wishes!

thestraightpoop said...

Happy belated birthday! I agree with you changes full-on for the better when there are other people whose birthdays we want to celebrate more than (or as much as) our own...

Karen said...

Now you went and made me cry. What a sweet sentiment. I hope my own children feel that way about me.

Meg said...

Very sweet, very thoughtful post.