Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The One Where I Give Up THE RECIPE...

First of all, thanks to all who wrote (in the comments, and via email) to say you wished me a speedy recovery. Fab Grandma - I hope you are OK too!

Thanks to my loving spouse, who jumped in and took over for a few days (OK, more than a few days) my hand is finally healing nicely. I still have a HUGE pink and red burned spot on the back of my hand, and my pinkie and ring finger are still kind of stiff and sore, but I'm hopeful that I'll eventually sneak away from this episode with just a bit of scarring. Not bad for a third-degree burn.

And so, let's get on to the recipe, shall we?

Cornbread waffles are TOTALLY delicious, a big favorite at our house. Not to mention really good with grape jelly! And, if you are careful with the waffle iron - they are also quite easy to make.

First of all - you need a waffle iron. Hopefully, yours isn't a thirty-year old monster like ours is; It's going to be replaced, and SOON. Anyway, preheat your waffle iron, and then whip up a batch of your favorite cornbread.

I like the Jiffy brand mix - it's just a bit sweet, and has a good, corny taste. However you like to make your regular cornbread batter, that's what you'll use to make your cornbread waffles.

It's just that simple!

Pour it into the waffle iron, and cook 'em up. Watch out for the steam - these waffles will make a lot of steam. If your iron is older (like mine), or has a tendency for the waffles to stick, spray a bit of non-stick spray right before you pour the batter.

They will be golden brown, a teeny bit crispy and golden-brown on the outside, and completely mouthwatering on the whole. Don't forget to try your favorite jelly instead of syrup - yum! :)

Let me know if you like 'em! :)


Chuck said...

Sounds yummy, Thim. I'm going to come to your house for breakfast this weekend! OK, maybe not really.

Anonymous said...

OK, Chuck - come on over for breakfast - you and The Wrench can talk shop! :)

Forgot to add that we get about four regular sized waffles per box.

Jiffy mix runs about .35 cents a box in this part of the country...

Ericka said...

i love jiffy cornbread - with butter and honey. yum!

i don't have a waffle iron, but maybe i'll try these next time i'm home.

happy healing!

Anonymous said...

Ericka: Make pancakes instead of waffles - try thinning the batter just a teeny bit with milk. (I *LOVE* pancakes of all kinds...) :)

Suldog said...

Thanks, Thim! I think maybe I'll surprise MY WIFE on Sunday morning.

(After that, I'll probably make her some of these waffles, too.)

Fab Grandma said...

Yumminy cricket! Sounds delish. I can hardly wait to go get some Jiffy mix.