Friday, June 22, 2007

The One Where I... OUCH!

Typing one-handed sucks.

Reader's Digest Condensed Version: burned left hand on Father's Day making cornbread waffles for The Wrench, then knocked scab off burn and now bandaged.


More in a few days. :(


Chuck said...

Hope you get well soon! And watch out for those angry waffles.

Suldog said...

Cornbread waffles? The first thing you should do when you regain use of your other hand is type out the recipe, please.

Fab Grandma said...

yes, please do give us the recipe. I know how you feel, I was steaming some asparagus in my microwave, which is over the stove. I have to reach up over my head to put things in and take them out of the micro. Well, I tilted the bowl and some of the liquid spilled down the front of my body, and I wound up with a 2 inch burn right between the, well, you know. Hope you are better soon!

Ericka said...

*cringe* ouchie! burns are the worst, i'm sorry you're hurt.

cornbread waffles? that sounds intriguing. are you just squashing cornbread in a waffle iron?

i hope the wrench was properly appreciative of your battle with the attacking waffle iron.

Anonymous said...

Boyfriend jammed my fingers, so I feel your one-handed pain. X)

Beware the waffle iron! Be sure to speak kindly to it next time. ;)