Wednesday, March 07, 2007

13 is not an unlucky number...

...but it is how old Twinks is now.




No matter how I say it, or spell it, it remains the same. We have crossed a line, a threshold, and Our Little Girl has become a Teen.

One more milestone on our journey as a family. One that Daddy and Mommy both could have happily postponed for a few more years.

The truth is, of course, that Twinks is growing up. Right in front of our eyes, and every day she becomes a bit more self-possessed, a bit more independent. I remember being this age myself all too well, and I suppose that is one reason why I feel this way. Now, more than ever, I want to protect her from what is coming. From getting her heart broken by silly boys and from the "Mean Girls" who might be beautiful and popular, but will never be half the woman that Twinks will become. I want to do more than just guide her through what is coming - I want to blaze the trail for her. I want it to be easy, and I know it won't always be.

Her birthday was a month ago - today. You would think that by now some of the shock would have worn off, but instead I find myself even more surprised by the fact that I am now the mother of an "official" teenager.

How did this happen? More importantly, who was in charge of the numbers? I want a recount - I want someone to come along and tell me that we are all, all of us, wrong. She's not a teenager yet - you still have more time with this precious little girl.

Twinks, Twinkster, The Delightful Miss T. No matter what you call her nowadays, just be sure to add that all-important word:


Happy Belated Birthday, my sweet girl. Um, I mean, teenager. Just remember always that Mommy and Daddy love you with our whole hearts. And that no matter what you do in the world, we will always love you. We might not *like* what you do, but we will always love you. I promise.

And always wear your seat belt.

And remember that you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

And don't forget to treat others as you wish to be treated; with respect and dignity.


Mom and Dad


Suldog said...

Mom and Dad - If Twinks is anything like you've described her, you'll have few worries.

Twinks - If you ever doubt that Mom and Dad love you, just re-read this blog.

Happy (one month late) Birthday!

Chuck said...

Wow, an official TEENAGER in the house, huh? Happy (belated) birthday to the Twinkster and have a great year!

alpharat said...

Not speaking as a parent, but speaking as someone who was once a teenager, it sounds like you two are doing a great job so far with Twinks, and that the teenage years are just going to be one more adventure. A big one.

Happy birthday to Twinks, and best of luck to you and the Wrench. I was not, by any means, a difficult teenager, and I know what I put my parents through! :)