Friday, May 05, 2006


Everyone here is sick.

I think it's either an early summer cold, or a leftover Christmas Virus.

Either way, there is much sniffling, sneezing, and a whole lotta whining going on.

SOME OF US, while ill, are still up and functioning. Others are languishing about, moaning and groaning about how sick they are, and how much their throat hurts, and could you please bring me another cup of ice cream?

There are three people in this household, and only ONE of them is up and blogging. You do the math.

I have to go. Sir Pitiful and The Grand-High Pathetic Princess need something.

They are *so* going to owe me when this is over...


Johnny C. said...

So when and where are you guys going on vacation when everyone is better?

Garrett said...


I _so_ have to show Donna this post. :-)

Chuck said...

I recommend a product called Emergen-C if it is in fact a cold. Hope you guys all feel better soon. It always seems like "Nurse Mom" is the one who has to stay on her feet during a household bug attack. Don't forget to take time to rest!

Suldog said...

If it doesn't interact in a horrible way with any other meds circulating at your household, I've found that Benadryl containing diphenhydramine and pseudoephedrine is very good at alleviating most of the symptoms of a cold. Kind of gives you a nice hazy outlook on life to boot :-)

Suldog said...

Are y'all feeling better now, I hope?