Wednesday, May 17, 2006

WWW: wobbly, weak, and wiped-out

Here we are, nearly two weeks later, and finally everyone seems to be...


Whatever this viral crap was, it hit us hard. All three of us, at once, were down. Each of us seemed to have the same virus, but it behaved differently in each host.

The Twinkie started off first - sore throat, fever, and some other icky symptoms that I won't subject you to. Her version of our Viral Visitor ultimately resulted in an ear infection and a sinus infection. She is on massive doses of antibiotics now, and finally improving. She missed a total of six days of school (right before semester tests, no less)

The Wrench was next; within 12 hours of Twinks, he was coughing, running a fever, throat so sore he couldn't eat or drink. Because he quit smoking nearly 18 months ago, we had hoped that this time he might escape relatively unscathed, however, we were wrong. Those nasty little viru went straight to his lungs, where they apparently found conditions so hospitable that they are still trying to hang on, even today. If his cough doesn't improve by Friday, The Wrench is looking at x-rays to make sure he doesn't have yet another case of walking pneumonia. He missed a total of six days of work.

I was last. I went down fighting, but it finally got me. I guess there is only so long your body can hold out before it just gives in, and gives over to The Bugs. Mine went straight to my sinuses, whereupon they created a sinus infection so spectacular that my doctor was prompted to give me a double dose of antibiotics in order to get me back on my feet.

I had to keep going, though. The Wrench was doubled over, coughing so hard he couldn't drive most of the time. Twinks is too young to drive. That left me. I had to drive everyone to the doctors offices (not once but THREE times we all went...) drive to the pharmacy to get the medicine, drive to the grocery, and to the school to pick up Twinks homework. I did laundry, got the trash to the curb, made meals, and took care of the critters.

I kept going, and going, and going...

And then I finally had to stop. I swore up and down that I would NOT be sick on Mothers Day. I just wouldn't. Because *last year* I was sick on Mothers Day, and I didn't want it to happen again.

But it finally happened last Friday evening. I had gone to the store, and stocked up on everything I thought we would need, because I knew this was coming. I had tried to get everything done that I knew needed to be done, so that Twinks and TW could function without me. Because I was going to have to do it... I was going to go to bed, and sleep.

And, sleep I did. All day Saturday, almost all day Sunday. TW and Twinks tried so hard to give me a great day; they brought me whatever I wanted or needed, and they gave me cards and gifties, and it would have been perfect, if I weren't too sick to enjoy it. I slept some more on Monday, and I think the worst of it is finally over.

And now we are all, almost completely better. Whatever this was, I hope to never see it again. Wherever it came from, I hope it goes back to, and stays there. We are better, still not up to full speed, but better.

Just in time for school to get out next week.

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