Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Reflections from mile marker 278

Here we are, on the way home from another trip to The Hospital.

We have stopped (again) to stretch our legs, and use the bathroom (for we are Girls, and so we like to have all of the amenities we possibly can; ergo we do NOT simply run behind a shrub to pee) and I am feeling a bit disoriented.

I'm watching my daughter do something that, until today, I have only been able to imagine. Something that most parents take for granted.

I'm watching our daughter walk - without pain.

Earlier in the day at The Hospital, we were back in O&P, and Big J. had brought the "raw" brace to finish. He placed it on Twinkle's right foot and leg, and started marking where it needed to be changed. He contoured it to hold her foot perfectly; he placed the Velcro straps in just the right places for Twinks. After Big J. had everything "just so", he helped Twinks put on her shoe, and they went for a little walk. She had to learn to "heel and toe" with the brace; it is jointed at the ankle, but the foot is held in a rigid position to keep all of those arthritic little joints from moving (and hurting).

Big J. saw a couple of little modifications that needed to be made, so he helped Twinkle back up on the table, and took the brace to the shop, where he made the subtle little changes that would make the brace more comfortable. While he was out of the room, Twink turned to me, and with tears shining in her eyes said "It doesn't hurt, Mama! For the first time ever, it doesn't hurt!"

Imagine if you had never known a day in your life without pain; if every step you took caused you to hurt. Imagine being eleven years old, and having *that* to look forward to for the rest of your life.

Then imagine that this man brings in a brace, and after working with you for less than an hour, you are able to walk without any pain for the first time in your life.

Imagine how giddy we are.

We will go back in about two and a half weeks to get the brace for her left foot and leg; in one day her right side has gone from being her "bad" side to her "good" side. Before, she didn't realize how much her left foot was hurting, because of all of the pain on the right side. It was a no-brainer to decide that she needed the left side braced also.

I can't wait for The Wrench to see...

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That is wonderful :)