Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Dateline: Hospital City (again)

Well, here we are again. A two day/one night trip this time, but otherwise, essentially the same.

We arrived just as rush hour was beginning; we were both glad to be off the road, and in the air-conditioned comfort of our hotel. After we relaxed a bit, and unpacked, we walked across the parking lot and ate dinner at a local steakhouse.

Now we are getting ready to do physical therapy - you can probably hear the WHINING about that from here...

Tomorrow morning, it's back to The Hospital, to see everyone again, and pick up the new braces.

Twinkle told me today that one of the reasons that she looks forward to going to The Hospital is because she feels *normal* there. Because everyone there is like she is - different. So, she isn't different there; she's normal.

So tomorrow, for a while at least, we will be normal.

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