Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Going Again: Hospital City, Here We Come!

I almost can't do this tonight. I can't believe that in less than 48 hours, Twinkles world can be so different.

I have been crying off and on all day. Tears for the victims of Katrina, to be sure, but also tears for Twinkle. I am so happy, and excited, and nervous all at once that I am probably right on the verge of an emotional meltdown. But I have to hold it together for just two more days. :::deep breath:::

We are off to Hospital City again in the morning. We will drive the same roads and highways we always do; stay at the same hotel we have been for a couple of years now. We will go through the same routine we always do.

But this time, I am hoping that the return trip will be different. This time, I am hoping and praying that when we leave The Hospital that Twinkle will walk out without pain.

Without any pain at all.

For the first time in her life.

Literally, since the day she was born, Twinkle has never known a day without pain. When she was old enough to begin to understand her pain, and describe it for us, we realized how bad it was. How pervasive and intense. We did everything we could to make her comfortable, but always it was there.

Twinks has adapted well. She has developed the ability to concentrate so fiercely that she can actually forget about the pain for an hour or more at a time. She has learned how to move, how to play, how to run, how to do everything in such a way that it causes her the least amount of pain possible.

But on Friday morning, Twinkle will get her other brace. Both legs and feet will have the custom-made braces that will hopefully support and hold the arthritic joints so that she can walk, for the first time in her life, without pain.

It's true; we bribed the gang in O & P (Orthotics & Prosthetics) to finish her brace in record time, we promised to bring homemade chocolate chip cookies. Tonight, a double batch rests on the kitchen counter, along with homemade brownies. When she takes those first steps without pain, we will have a party right there. We will celebrate the beginning of a new chapter in Twinks life.

And so we leave for Hospital City again tomorrow, because we hope and pray that this time, Friday morning, Twinkle will walk out without pain.

We'll keep you posted...

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Tenn said...

Oh man. -Grins- I'm happy for you and the Twinks. Good luck!