Wednesday, December 07, 2011

IFFY, at best...

A lot of folks have been very kind to me so far this Holiday Season.

They know that it's my first Christmas without Mom, that we are all a bit sad. Twinks and I both have a marked propensity these days to burst into tears at the most random moments. A long-forgotten ornament at the bottom of the box... A favorite Christmas Carol... Mom's handwriting on the recipe card for the cookies we make every year...

To be honest, it doesn't take much these days.

So, the other day, when someone asked how I was doing, I told them the truth: Iffy, at best.

I cry, I laugh, and I try to remember that this is her first Christmas with Daddy in 21 years. I try, also, to be grateful for all of our blessings. We live in a lovely, snug and cozy house. The pantry is full, as is the fridge and freezer. We have three nice cars, less debt than the average American family, we are (mostly) healthy, and our amazing daughter will graduate from high school in just a few months. We are so very lucky, in so many, many ways.

And so we put up the tree, and decorated the house. Life *does* go on, after all, and I knew that if we let these traditions lapse, we might never get them back. So, out comes the old poinsettia-print tablecloth that has graced our family's holiday meals since 1968. There is the wreath on the door that Twinks decorated, and in the front hallway hangs the Advent calendar, counting the days until Christmas.

All of the presents have been ordered, and nearly every day, FedEx and UPS ring the bell. There are a few things here and there that I still need to take care of, but most of the shopping has been done.

And in an interesting turn of events, we will still be four at Christmas Dinner.

Twinks has a new Boyfriend. We like him, Dear Reader. He's whip-smart, with a dry, wry sense of humor. He is a hard worker, and goes to college full-time. TW & I both like him - he fits well into our family, and he also seems to adore our shiny little Twinkle.

Good grief, Charlie Brown. That little snapshot up there is just cuteness all over the place. Its my new favorite picture.

Boyfriend is now a frequent visitor, and welcomed guest at our home. I'm really happy that Twinks has someone special to share this Holiday Season with.

Edited for this update:  The BoyFiend (as Sully re-named him) is long gone.  Too bad for him.  He broke Twinks heart, but she survived, and she will find someone even better, even nicer, even more loving.  Ha! So there!

She deserves a guy who puts her as his first priority, a guy who loves her for exactly who she is, and a guy who understands why she will always march to the slower beat, of a very different drummer.

Things can be IFFY in other ways.

Our good and precious friend, Suldog (and his lovely wife) enjoy (as do we) the Holiday Cakes of Fruity Goodness. Our personal favorite cakes come from a lil' ol' place down in Corsicana, Texas. Although most folks call 'em "fruitcakes", those kids at Collin Street Bakery call *their* creations a "Pecan Cake", because it has so many yummy pecans right there on top.

I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

Anyway, because Sully is also a Fan of the Cakes of Fruity Goodness, we decided that we needed to share this with him:

Yep. The Official Seal of the great and glorious IFFY. Behold it's awesome beauty and power.

I'm proud to be a lifetime member. You can be too! Our rules are remarkably relaxed; all you have to do is *taste* a fruited cake once a year, and proudly display the Official Seal, as pictured above.

And, should you decide to engage in Advanced Studies during your Fellowship in IFFY, you may indeed be promoted to the rank and title of:

STIFFY (which is, of course, an acronym for Seriously Thoughtful International Fellow & Fruitcake Yahoo. Geez. Get your mind out of the gutter!)

Pour yourself a nice cup of coffee, and have a little fruitcake. It's Christmas, after all, and you can be IFFY with me!

Merry Christmas, my friends. I hope you that wherever you are, you find some fruitcake, a warm & cozy chair, and a Christmas Angel to watch over you.

Travel safely.


Suldog said...

The Boyfriend has a good kind face. Looks a bit like either Pat or Drew Atton, teammates of mine, both good guys, so it's a face I would trust (like it matters what I think...)

Thanks for the linky love and, more important, the fruitcake (or as they would have it, Pecan!) As always, a lovely and pleasant thing to receive!

Thimbelle said...

But it *does* matter what you think!!! :) I'm glad that you see what we seem to.

Fruited-Pecan-topped-cakes of Christmasy goodness are always good! I'm so glad (and surprised!) you got your Christmas cake already! :D

Tell your teammates I won't send anymore this winter - need you to be in fighting trim for softball in the spring, right?

Ericka said...

he does have a kind face. they are adorable. but when did she get old enough to date??

ah, you two and your fruitcakes. i have a genunine german marzipan stollen here. i should cut it in half (probably with a chain saw) and send it to each of you.

Steph said...

I totally relate to what you're going through. My family had a double whammy this year- my uncle passed away unexpectedly, and three weeks later after a brief illness my father passed away. My standard answer is generally "hanging in there."

Steph said...
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Expat From Hell said...

As someone living just down wind from Corsicana, the pecan cakes can be seen from here on clear days. Came here by way of Suldog, and am glad I found you. Will be back again - have a wonderful Christmas season. Although, as 'Dog likes to say, the best holiday is already behind us. EFH

The Whippy Curly Tails said...

Wow ... It's been some time since I visited. Twinks is adorable. Awww & a boy. So sweet!

Take care of yourself ... Happy 2012.

Ericka said...

hey, you...

what's new in your world? just checkin' in.

hope all's well!

Ericka said...

heeelllllloooooo! *listens for echoes*

i miss you. hope all's well!

Ericka said...

i feel like such a stalker.

stalk stalk stalk

hope all is going well for you.

Suldog said...

'tis almost the one-year anniversary of this post, and I still love you :-)