Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Year, New Look

Yep, I've changed things around.


Poor TW says that I like to move the furniture around just to drive him nuts. 

I have always been this way... I like to move things around a bit, see what they look like when you put this over there, and that over here.  Move the sofa to the other side of the room, and the link list to a whole new spot on the blog.

The new template, the changes are just my way of welcoming a new year, and looking forward to Spring.

I didn't realize how much I *needed* to look forward to Spring until tonight.  I need the hope and joy that come with the soft, new grass, and the eager daffodils.

I need the renewal that arrives with the baby birds, and their Mama-birds, eager to feed them.  I need to refresh my spirit and my soul with the rituals of Easter, and the delicate, shell-pink sunrises that creep up through frosty dawns.

I need these things now, because my Mom is continuing her descent through dementia.  I need the feeling of new life, of hope and of joy to counterbalance the sadness and despair.  I need a shot of fresh green leaves and tiny defiant blossoms to shore up my belief that life can, and will, go on.

So, here's to new years, new beginnings, and pushing the furniture around.  Shake out the cobwebs, clear out the dustbunnies, and spruce up the ol' blog. 

Spring *will* come again.


Suldog said...

Everything does get better, eventually. You know that, of course, but it doesn't hurt to have your faith in that proposition shored up a bit. So, hang in there, ride out the tough times, and look for blessings on the other end. They will be there :-)

Ericka said...

"it's always darkest right before it goes completely black."

wait. no, that's not right.

"that which does not kill me is only postponing the inevitable?"

hmm. maybe i should stop trying to use for motivational assistance...

in as much seriousness as i'm capable of, i know things suck right now and i'm sorry. unfortunately, to improve, things will probably have to get worse first. (i really suck at this, don't i?) if you need a hug, or a shoulder or if there's ANYTHING i can do, please don't hesitate to ask. doing it yourself is not easy, and is actually kind of stupid when you have people itching to help. (jeez, i should quit my day job and become a motivational speaker.)

also, your shiny new layout looks great! and spring WILL come. have faith.

Buck said...

Oh, Thimbelle. I can only imagine the pain you're going through. It's one thing to watch your loved ones fight a losing battle with cancer or something worse, but it's quite another to watch them lose their mental faculties. I think that is the WORST possible way to exit this world.

My thoughts are with you, as always.

Your new blog-look is certainly festive!

The Caustic Bunny said...

Spring always comes.