Saturday, August 15, 2009

So, Twinks has a boyfriend...

A Boyfriend.



The word rings hollow in my ears - surely my daughter, my baby, does not have a boyfriend.

There is a part of my mind that detaches and spins off into the past, back to a time when Little Twinks
was still my baby... sweet, and innocent, and so far away from dating, first kisses, girly wiles, and boyfriends that both TW and I could sleep the sleep of the innocent, sure and certain that our little sweetheart would always be Mommy and Daddy's little girl

Oh, how I long for those days...

Tonight, Twinks had a date.

By the end of the evening, the young man, who was charmingly nervous, had decided that he wanted Twinks to be his girlfriend. He asked, she agreed.

My baby is growing up. She's 15 and a half - just six months from driving, and a mere two-and-a-half years from voting. She has a boyfriend.

When did this happen?

Who let this happen?


I would like to speak to someone in Customer Service, please. Thanks. I'll hold.

Hello? Customer Service? I would like to talk to someone about our daughter...

She's a 1994 model. Yes, I know there has been some trouble with that model year lately, but we have been pretty lucky with her. What? No - not calling about a return or a refund; it's just that well, she's growing up too fast. Yes, too fast.

I know, I know that she is progressing right on your schedule. It's my schedule that is the problem. She's our only kid. I wanted her to *be* a kid for just a while longer, you know? I miss my sweet little girl. No, she's not *missing*, I mean that I just wanted her to be... I know that the schedule is not negotiable, I was just wondering...

Oh. OK. Sure, I can hold.

Yes, I'm still here. Your'e a supervisor? Great! Maybe you can help me... I want my baby back. No, she's not missing - I just miss my little girl. No, no, she's right here... it's just that she's a teenager now. Yes, 1994. I know, I know that she's on schedule, but... I just... The "Grandma Bonus"? What? Oh, yes, I remember something about that... that sometimes you get to see your child again later in your grandchildren. But I don't want to wait that long... I just thought maybe I could have her back for one weekend, before school starts again. Before she becomes absorbed in her new boyfriend, and school, and friends, and a half-a-million things all vie for her attention.

:::sigh::: Ok, thanks for your time. No, no, I don't have any other questions.




Chuck said...

Wow, she does look scarily grown up in that second photo. But of course, you're right, and she is right on schedule.

My nephews have grown up really fast also...the oldest one is 21 now and just finished Airborne school for ROTC. He's in his SENIOR YEAR of COLLEGE this year, for gosh sakes. Since I don't see them that often the time really seems to fly when I do.

Michelle H. said...

Oh, that customer service call was great! The 1994 model? Hee-hee! Isn't that just like them? They never give the answers you are looking for.

Good to see you posting again!

teneal ann said...


What a sweet post, Thim. You sound like -my- mum.

Twinks- You look GREAT! -Very- movie star.

Suldog said...

Twinks is one pretty lady these days. And we know she's intelligent and funny, so it's the total package!

This is where you have to have faith, in yourself. If you raised her right - and from all I can tell from this long distance, you did - then she'll do what's right, and you'll be happy and proud.


a 1957 model (parts are hard to come by and our re-sale value is just brutal.)

alpharat said...

Twinks really is growing up, and I do have say she does indeed look like a rockstar in that second photo.

No having kids of our own, I can only wish you well on that teenager thing, though.