Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to my hubby!

So, here we are my darling. Another year has passed, and you are now another year older.

Wiser? Maybe yes, maybe no. Depends on who you ask, and how well they know you.

This year you are 49. Not quite fifty - the BIG FIVE-OH MY GOD THERE'S AN ENVELOPE FROM AARP IN THE MAILBOX 50 is still one more year away. But it's getting damn close, and because I am your wife, and I love you so very, very much, I am compelled to (again) this year remind you of the most important fact of the day:

You will, my darling, my love, my sweetheart, always ALWAYS ALWAYS be older than me. If you should precede me in death, I shall happily - nay, gleefully - celebrate your birthday every year, as a reminder that, were you still by my side - you would still be OLDER THAN ME.

I might even petition President Suldog to make your birthday a National Holiday. Statues would be erected in town squares across the land in tribute of your efforts as my noble husband. And every September 19th, schoolchildren will perform Pageants celebrating the day of your birth. And everyone would eat fajitas and drink Dr. Pepper in your honor.

Happy Birthday to my husband.

I love you best and most.

Thim :)


Suldog said...

Petition me? Nay. The statues are already erect.

(Insert your own joke about that. Far be it from me to sully your family-style blog.)

(Sully? Get it?)

Ahhhhh, nevermind. Happy Birthday, Mr. Wrench. And many more.

Ericka said...

happy belated birthday, mr. wrench.

also, your birthday is talk like a pirate day - how great is that?!?

mlh said...

Happy belated birthday, Mr. Wrench. And don't worry about the envelope from AARP. I have gotten one already, and I'm still in my thirties.

Suldog said...


Come on over and claim your award :-)

Chuck said...

Happy birthday to The Wrench! I'm hitting my big 4-0 mark next month and kind of dreading it. But hey, as one of the youngest in my graduating class, I've been able to give my old high school friends grief about getting old all year long...guess it's my turn.

ciara said...

omgosh my blog reader is being crap. happy belated birthday to your hubby.

true story: hubby and i were out at somewhere like ihop and he ordered something off the menu. then the server says, 'the senior (insert name of whatever item he ordered here and was on the senior menu, too)'? he said, 'no.' i never laughed so hard in my life considering he was 44 at the time (he turned 45 in aug).