Friday, August 08, 2008

I am falling in love...

...with my house.

Oh, Gentle Reader, it is true. As the rooms really begin to emerge from all of the boxes and the packing paper, I am slowly but surely falling in love with this house.

This afternoon I was entranced by the way the sunlight fell through the living room windows. It lit up the wood floors, skipped up the warm, yellow walls and bounced off the ceiling. It shone through the creamy drapes, and sparkled off and through the glass of the windows. It slid down the shiny white & ebony keys of the piano, and landed on the rug.

I sat for an hour, just watching the sun move across the windows. Just enjoying being in this room that we have created as a family.

I am falling in love.

And that is just the living room...


Chuck said...

Hmmm, does The Wrench know about this? :) Of course, he's probably falling in love with it also.

Karen said...

Can I come and just sit in your living room for a while? You make that sound so, well, romantic..

The Caustic Bunny said...

And now comes the part, or perhaps in six months or so, where the year in boxes, dust and chaos get compiled into that book of how the house changed with you?

Congrats on the end of that adventure.

Sure feels nice when it all wraps up, yes?

Suldog said...

Some of the happiest snapshots I have in my head, of my childhood, consist of seeing sunbeams (with minute dust specks, of course) coming in through the windows, onto our beds or dancing over the floors. Thank you VERY MUCH for reawakening those visuals for me!

Twinkie said...


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