Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Another round...

Despite what you might believe, Gentle Reader, I have not been editing my blog into a Disneyesqe version of reality.

Nor did I get lost at a Labor Day picnic, and just now find my way home. Although, I did get just a little bit (emotionally) lost on 9/11.

No, I have been here. At home, when I haven't been shuttling to and from Two Hours East on the weekends. Twinks and TW have been here also, except when TW was at work.

Twinks has been home. Home from school. Home from school because her pain flared up again, and we couldn't get it back under control.

More soon; there is much to tell. At the moment, I'm just too tired to make fully coherent sentences.


Suldog said...

Glad to hear your (written) voice again!

Ericka said...

yay, you're back!

isn't it odd how relative distance is? when the distance first shrinks from a multi-day extravaganza to 2 hours, you're esctatic. yay - i'll run over for dinner! after several trips of spending 4+ hours in a car, you start thinking about long distance phone service and major holidays.

eek. hope all's well and twink is okay!

Stu said...

Please, let the Twinkie know that she is in my prayers. Twink To The E, Let The Pain Go Free!