Sunday, June 18, 2006

A Father's Day Fairy Tale...

This, gentle reader, is a story about three Kings. Each one a wonderful father. Each one with his own Little Princess.

Once upon a time...

There was a benevolent King, who oversaw his happy little Kingdom with a kind and loving hand. He loved and cared for all who dwelled within his Kingdom, however, there was but one Little Princess who ruled the King's heart.

The Little Princess loved the King with all of her little heart, and she especially loved the fact that even her smallest wish was always his greatest command. The Little Princess was beloved by all who set eyes upon her, for she was fair and delightful to behold, as well as being quite well-mannered. Even visiting Princesses from neighboring Kingdoms were quite enchanted with the Little Princess, and she was often much in demand for Tea Parties and other girlish pursuits.

And so, life was good. In all the Kingdom, there was no happier sight for those who dwelled there, than to see the King with his Little Princess, laughing and playing together. They shared many, many joyful days together, and with the King's wise and fair tutelage, the Little Princess grew to be a strong, smart young woman.

In time, the Little Princess left the happy Kingdom to go to college. She met a Wonderful Man who adored her every bit as much as the King did. In proper fashion, the Wonderful Man went to the King, and asked for the hand of the Little Princess in marriage.

The King told the Wonderful Man that if he didn't take VERY GOOD care of the Little Princess, the Wonderful Man would never have to worry about his "Royal Jewels" because the King himself would remove them to another location. Permanently.

The Wonderful Man, fearing a painful shortage of testosterone in his future, vehemently promised the King that he would, in fact and in deed, take very good care of the Little Princess, who would get a field promotion to Queen at the wedding.

And so, there were nuptials in the happy little Kingdom. And all was well. The Little Princess became Queen of her own tiny little Kingdom, and she gracefully presided over bridge parties and summer barbecues, and watched wistfully as all of the other Queens in the neighborhood brought home their own Little Princesses (and Princes). The Queen, and her King adopted a canine Royal Subject that they loved very much, but the Queen still longed for a baby of her own.

Then, seven years after the Queen and her King were married, they were blessed with a Little Princess of their own.

This Little Princess lived very much as her own mother had... she adored her mother (and wished to be exactly like her when she grew up). She also adored her father, the King, who would carry this Little Princess in his strong arms whenever she grew tired, and who would chase the scary bad monsters out from under her bed every night before she climbed under the covers.

This Little Princess spent many, many happy hours with her father, the King. They did many things together; the King was determined that his Little Princess would learn about art, architecture, history, music, and more, so that she would be a learned Little Princess. When she obtained her driver's license, the King even taught his Little Princess how to change her own oil and rebuild a carburetor, so that she would never have to rely upon a strange mechanic to fix her Royal Carriage for her.

As her mother before her, this Little Princess went away to college, however, she was a Modern Princess, and so concentrated more on her studies and having fun, and less on finding the perfect King with which to begin her own Royal Family.

Finally, five years after she graduated from college, this Little Princess found a Prince Charming. The Queen had begun to despair of ever seeing even so much as one grandchild, so she was quite heartened by the news of Prince Charmings' arrival in the Kingdom. Indeed, he charmed everyone in the Kingdom instantly; even the King knew right away that this Prince Charming was The Real Deal, and so he wisely welcomed him with open arms. The Queen, being a longtime student of human nature, saw right away that this Prince would be an excellent King for her Little Princess, and she was pleased.

As with the generation before, Prince Charming approached the King to ask for the hand of this Little Princess in marriage. As before, dire warnings were proclaimed should any sign of unhappiness fall upon the fair countenance of this Little Princess. And, as before, this Little Princess was promoted to Queen during a lovely ceremony, and Prince Charming became King. After a lovely little honeymoon, the newest Queen, along with her King, retired to a lovely little Kingdom. The newlyweds adopted a feline Royal Subject, and happily worked on producing a little Royal heir.

Then, seven years after they were married, they were blessed with a beautiful Little Princess of their own.

And THIS Little Princess loves her Daddy, the King, with all of her heart... just like the Little Princesses before her. This King carries her in his strong arms when she can't walk. He kills bad, scary bugs that threaten his Little Princess. He teaches his Little Princess all the things he thinks she should know, and he makes sure that she will be able to be self-sufficient in the future. He still gets misty-eyed when he watches video of the Little Princess as a baby, and he carries pictures of her - 12 of them, one for each year - in his wallet wherever he goes. He can fix almost anything that breaks in their happy little Kingdom, and he still adores his Queen after nearly twenty years of marriage.

And what about her Mommy?

Her Mommy blogs anonymously... ;)


Suldog said...

Nice. Happy Fathers Day to the King!

Chuck said...

Cool post, T. I was meaning to do a Father's Day post myself but got busy with work. Hopefully I'll have something ready later this week.

Tenn said...

happy father's day to the wrenchking.

yeah, i took a while but i managed it. now for transferring posts. /shudder

thanks for the welcome, and glad to see you're back from vacation! hope it was a good one. (i expect to see a post on it!)

Ericka said...

clever. happy fathers day, wrench king and all the kings before. :-)