Saturday, April 15, 2006

Nocturnal Bunny Business...

Twas the night before Easter...
And all through the house,
that Rabbit was creeping
as quiet as a mouse.

The eggs had been stuffed
with glee, and with joy.
The contents, you see,
must delight - not annoy!

The Bunny, he paused
for a moment to see
Our sweet little girl
asleep as could be.

He was swift in his work;
not once did he stop.
He finished his rounds,
and then, with a hop...

He wiggled his ears.
He winked his left eye.
He wriggled his whiskers,
and he whispered "Goodbye!"

That Bunny is gone...
That Rabbit is done.
But for one little girl,
it's all just begun!

There are eggs to be found,
all over the place.
And chocolate to eat,
(and some on her face!)

So now we must say
to that Rabbit sublime:
Thanks for bringing us Easter;
See you next time!

Thim - Easter 2006

1 comment:

Suldog said...

Nice unique take on the "Visit From St. Nicholas" theme!