Friday, March 24, 2006

Still creeping forward

First of all, I wanted to say "Thanks" to Garrett, who had the same idea we did, at about the same time we did. In fact, about 24 hours before Garrett left his suggestion for me, The Wrench and I had decided we needed to investigate fibromyalgia as a possibility. BTW, Garrett - say "Hello" to Seattle for me. I lived there for a couple of years back when Starbucks had one location - down on Pioneer Square. Seattle (and the entire Pacific NorthWest) is incredibly beautiful; if you have not yet visited, you really should.

So, we have found a rheumatologist. Specifically, of course, a pediatric rheumatologist. Because, when The Wrench and I look at all of The Twinkie's symptoms, they do fit fibromyalgia. Really well. Really, really well. So - while trying NOT to get our hopes up too much - we have an appointment with a doctor we found in the Yellow Pages. I feel weird about just taking any name from the phone book. So, I continue to troll the Web, trying to find a hint, a suggestion of who we should go see.

All the while, trying hard not to get my hopes up that this is "it". That this will be the time we come home with a diagnosis.

That is a weird notion.
"I'll take 'Sentences a Parent should never have to Utter' for $500, Alex.
"Let's hope that it is fibromyalgia, honey!".
I certainly never thought that I would find myself sifting through the Internet in search of a diagnosis, hoping that it would be something "good" like fibromyalgia. "Good" in this instance is a relative term. Because if there *has* to be something wrong, let's hope it is something relatively benign, like fibromyalgia. And there is something wrong; what it is we just don't know.

Oh, the enemy unknown is so much harder to fight....


Garrett said...

*waves hello to Seattle while keeping fingers, arms, legs, and toes crossed, which makes him look really weird*

If you're ever back this way for a visit, let us know: my contact info is pretty easy to find. :-)

I really hope that this is it, and I really hope if it is, your Big Cheese has the grace to at least look embarrassed.

Garrett said...

(BTW, I don't get the credit for that suggestion, my wife does.)

Chuck said...

Good luck Thimbelle! Hope this is "it" for you. I'll stay tuned and think positive thoughts.

CatPants said...

I cannot possibly even compare with what you are going through. But I can sympathize with the horrible feelings of "the unknown". I'm going through that myself. I also know how it feels to be thinking "I hope it's [insert normally bad ailment thing here]!" because there are other things that are so much worse. I cannot even express how many tears I have swallowed purely out of fear.. of the unknown. My thoughts and prayers are with you and the Twinkie.