Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Our sweet Twinkie is hurting (again) tonight.

The Wrench and I have again searched the Internet in vain, looking for the answer that still eludes us. No particular set of symptoms matches exactly, no syndrome or virus can account for the waves of misery that wash down The Twinkie's legs.

Her pain seems to be getting worse. Or, maybe her tolerance for the pain is diminishing. Either way, it is horrible to watch.

One of the hardest things a parent ever has to do is watch their child suffer. Knowing that there is nothing you can do to help your child, except to be there with them. Watching this day after day has ground The Wrench and I down emotionally and physically. We suffer with Twinks, we worry about her. We try to comfort her. We fail.

I want answers. I want to know why we can't find the source of Twinks pain, so that it can be stopped.

I want to know why the prescription medicines that are supposed to bring the relief that she needs... don't work. At all.

I want to know to know, now.

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