Thursday, November 10, 2005

Peeping Thim...

For the last week, I have been "peeping" whenever possible. I peeped all the way to Hospital City and back.

I peeped with The Wrench last weekend, and if we are lucky, we are going to see if we can peep again this weekend before it's all over.

"leaf peeping" that is.

Autumn this year has been nothing short of spectacular. Our region has had the ideal conditions to create the best fall colors in a decade or more: a rainy summer, not too hot, with temperatures falling off slowly as the calendar advanced until now - now we have every color that Mother Nature ever created in the name of Autumn.

Soft, pale gold colors. Rich and delicious orange tints. Fire-engine red leaves. As the wind whispers and slips through the streets, showers of color fall from the trees, and it leave us drenched and dizzy with their colors.

The sky is a particularly flawless shade of November blue - a clear, soft baby blue at the horizon that arcs into the most perfect azure at the zenith. The sun is soft and warm; the nights are chilly, but not cold. This is the autumn that everyone should have; a textbook example of what November should be.

I'm going to go rake some leaves into a pile...
...and then jump right in.


alpharat said...

We had a preety fall this year here in Michigan, too. We made it up to Traverse City for a bike race last weekend, and although it was really nice, by the time I was 10 miles or so into the race, I had stopped looking around and was simply focussing on making it to the finish.

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous Thim! :D I haven't experienced an autumn like that since my elementary years in Arizona.

But what I miss the most is the *smell* of the leaves. I can't describe it, but I always liked that. It's up there on my list of favorite scents like rain and old books. :)

Have fun! :3

Chuck said...

Hmmmm....most of the leaves have already fallen off the trees around here. But they were very pretty while they lasted. Wisconsin Novembers tend to be on the chilly side, although it hasn't gotten bitterly cold yet.