Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Oh, the mail is a wonderful thing...


It's October 12th - Twinks comes running in to the office; she is clearly excited because the mail has come, and in it is a package from a friend of ours.

She sits, not so patiently, on the floor - waiting for me to open the box. She is excited because she knows that the box is for her, but she has no idea what is inside.

The contents do not dissapoint; our friend clearly knows the way to a Twinkies' heart. Books to read, a spiffy-cool booklight to read them with, Harry Potter goodies galore, and then... at the bottom of the box...

Nintendogs. Now she has two of the three games. Lordy, she is one happy little girlie-geek today!

The mail is a wonderful thing. And our friend - well, our friend is one of those rare, special people who has a heart like Santa; full of the love and joy of giving to others.

Someday, I hope that we can somehow repay his kindness, his thoughtfulness. I hope that we can bring the same joy and excitement to his children, or to someone he loves.

Until then...

Thank you, dear friend.

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