Saturday, November 05, 2005

Autumn in The OFG

As the summer began the inevitable slow spiral into autumn, we have seen our activities increase with The OFG (aka the "Organization For Girls") and I now find myself surrounded mostly by... women.


Just once, I would like to belong to an organization that was filled with hunky, shirtless men. However, since the chances of that happening are actually *slimmer* than pigs sprouting wings and flying, I shall have to content myself with The OFG.

The OFG really is a great group - I would highly recommend it for any girl. Aside from the obvious lack of scantily-clad, sun-bronzed male specimens (which would probably prevent us womenfolk from getting any serious work done) we typically have a lot of fun. The Wrench and I especially like the fact that parents are encouraged to participate, and Mothers are especially held in high regard within the Organization. Oh, the dads show up now and again; mostly for the Big Events, and when there is food. The rest of the time, it seems to be mostly... girls and women.

So, tomorrow afternoon, after church, after lunch, we will gather up all of the regalia and notebooks and so forth, and again we will sally forth to The OFG meeting.

Our little part of the national OFG scene is pretty small - we are going to be spending a lot of energy this next year recruiting girls to join locally. That's OK, though, because in the meantime it means that Twinks will be able to rise through the ranks pretty quickly. She has already completed her Proficiency Work, and that enables her to move up the "line" towards being The Head Girl of The OFG.

One of the great things about The OFG is that it is never "static". The founder must have been a genius - she knew that the girls would tire of waiting too long for their turn at the top spot, and so she created an organization where everything gets shuffled around every six months. So, instead of having yearly elections, like most fraternal organizations do, we have them in December and June. Twice yearly. Which is a big pain in the keyster for the parents, but great for the girls, as they feel like they can actually *see* some progress towards their goal of becoming The Head Girl.

Twinks is really excited. She loves everything about The OFG - especially the fact that every girl in the organization gets the same chance to be The Head Girl, if she works hard and is a good member. I'm really excited, because we will share this with her; all too soon she will be doing things that she *doesn't* want mommy and daddy around for... Plus, I get to hang out with all of my new OFG Mommy Friends. You know, the women.

The daddies, of course, will be watching football.

And the Shirtless Hunks? Just because I'm a Mommy doesn't mean I don't have a rich fantasy life... ;)

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Tenn said...

Aw, too bad there aren't any shirtless hunks Thimbelle!

Though /I/ personally don't need a sun-bronzed shirtless hunk. A shirtless Andrew would be quite fine indeed.

Might I mention that Andrew, a.k.a. super-hawt-senior, has to date:

Hugged me, walked me down hall
KISSED ME (on cheek)
Looped an arm around my waist & walked me down hall
KISSED ME (on cheek)

And carried/thrown me/used me as a jumprope. Not exactly. But Pyro like, picked me up to carry me and Andrew laughed when I was like... "It's seriously unfortunate to be this small, everyone picks you up" and was all "Really?" Then walked over, picked me up, told me I need to eat more, threw me over his shoulder, and then him and Pyro were literally 'swinging' me betwixt them.

So fun. I was dizzy for a long time after.