Saturday, August 20, 2005

To sleep, perchance to dream...

...No, we aren't doing Shakespeare.

The last two (or is it three?) days have been tough for Twinkle. She's sleeping *a lot*. While she's sleeping, it's night terrors. When she's awake, it's pain. The Wrench and I look like a pair of old married zombie-people. Twinks looks even worse; she has terrible dark circles under her eyes, and she's preternaturally pale and quiet.

The new AFO brace that we went to Hospital City to get *is* working out quite well. The pain she is experiencing now is (ironically enough) from the left foot/leg. The one that does not yet have a brace. The (now former) "good" side. When the first brace went on, it "quieted" the pain for the "bad", right leg/foot. Now for the first time, she is aware of just how badly the left foot/leg has been hurting. Again we are counting down the days until we return to Hospital City to pick up the left side brace.

Twinks escape is sleep. When she sleeps, it doesn't hurt. When she sleeps, she is whatever and whoever she wants to be. When she sleeps, she is free of everything; the stress of being different in a society that demands perfection, the limitations of her physical abilities, and most of all, the pain.

Tonight as I watch her sleeping, I pray that wherever she is in her dreams is tranquil, and comfortable, and above all - free of the pain.

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Anonymous said...

God Bless you both Thimbell and Twinks. what you are both suffering through, I can understand, and I also find some solace in my sleep. I have 10% of my heart working, and little hope of getting the money post-surgery to keep me going. I have tried all government avenues, including Social Security..turned down for all of them. I am 58, alone, and scared. So, I understand what you both are going through, the suffering is felt by you both. May God Bless you, and may you be guided to a source of removal from your pain.