Saturday, July 30, 2005

Pain, Pain, Go Away...

...and bother someone else another day.

Twinkle is hurting so badly. I am helpless in the face of her suffering.

I feel like the worst mother in the world, unable to do anything to alleviate the pain.

Ordinarily, she is the bravest child I have ever seen. She endures the pain so well that there are times when even I forget that she is constantly hurting.

But not now. Not today, or for the past three days. Every step is fresh agony. The simple act of standing from a chair nearly knocks her over.

And we can't really do anything to help, except hold her, and love her, and pray that it will get better somehow.

To be unable to help your child, to watch as they suffer, is so gut-wrenching, so emotionally exhausting. It siphons the life from you; it leaves you feeling hopeless and desperate.

I really must try to get some sleep.

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